In Memory

I'll Think Of You


When I see the first violet of the spring,

When I walk the trails and see everything

We planted, we cared for, and grew,

Then I’ll think of you.


When the dogwood blooms in white array,

And the redbud bursts forth at the dawn Of day,

And all the flowers sparkle with dew,

Then I’ll think of you.


When the first snowflakes come floating down,

Covering the earth with their soft white gown,

Making the tracks of the animals so true,

Then I’ll think of you.


Each night when I see the evening star,

Shining in the west, so very far,

I’ll say a prayer, one I hope will come true:

Someday, my love, I’ll be there with you.

By Ruth T George

Till Minne av min make Chris Rajandran Chinakarrupan,

född i Malaysia 16/5 1953

ta ifrån oss, allra minst en simpel mördare

Brutalt mördad i Sverige 22/3 1989

Vi glömmer dig aldrig, du finns i vår vardag och våra hjärtan för alltid

Det fina vi hade tillsammans och alla minnen kan ingen absolut ingen